"Secret Church Language"

We make every effort to not speak in “secret church language” at First Christian Church of Aledo.


However, there are some terms that you might want to know. Some apply to the church year:




Others relate to special days in the life of the church:

            Ash Wednesday

            Maundy Thursday

            Good Friday



            Christmas Eve


The Lectionary is a term that refers to a prescribed preaching schedule. The point of the Lectionary is to provide a discipline for the pastor. Sermons are prepared based on predetermined scripture not chosen by the pastor. The intent is to bring conversation to all scripture, not just the pastor’s favorite text.   There are times when we use the Lectionary and there are times when other scripture are used based on the needs of the church and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Body of Christ




The table - refers to the altar. When we speak of “coming to the table” when we are preparing to take communion.