What can I expect?

When you visit on Sunday, you will see people dressed in jeans to business casual clothes. We gather at 10:30 to drink coffee or bottled water. Snacks may include  donuts, home baked goodies, or breakfast treats. During this time, it is our desire to establish and nurture relationships. Getting to know each other and developing a sense of belonging is a central value we hold.  Sometimes there is structured discussion about a topic. Sometimes it is a sharing of the previous week’s events.


Worship follows a traditional format with call to worship, singing, scripture, prayer, offering, and communion.  Communion is taken weekly by breaking a piece of bread from the loaf and dipping it into a common cup. Homemade bread and grape juice are used so as to respect the sobriety of those who are in recovery from alcoholism. Communion is open to all who desire to follow Jesus. It is his table, not ours. New Covid 19 protocol in effect.


Music includes traditional hymns and more modern Christian music. Some are played on the piano and others on the guitar.


If you are looking for a church where you can come as you are, make new friends, bring your brains and your questions, and encounter God’s love as manifest in the life of Jesus; then you are likely to feel comfortable with us.


Children are valued and protected. They are welcome in worship and a short time of children’s church is provided during the sermon. Youth are encouraged to join each other in fellowship during the coffee time or to participate with the adults.